Tech Enthusiast, Communication Designer, Agile Coffee Drinker

Hi, I'm Byron Pantoja. I live in Davao City, I write, code, and design things online.

Agile Coffee Drinker? You made that up.

Maybe, but it feels accurate. It's my mindset as I start my day. The ritual of trying to improve myself today from yesterday by starting with a good cup of coffee. Small changes, consistency, and a specific ending in mind.

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

My parents have told me for years that "that numbers will only tell you a story about numbers- not people." This sentence was kryptonite to my PowerPoint presentations and often so traumatic that my spreadsheets could be heard crying in their files. Efficiency vs. effectiveness is something I would often argue about with my mom. Reflecting on those arguments while reading this chapter, I laugh! Because I see myself as the traditionalist now, and her as the radical thinker.

What is a Communication Designer?

A Communication Designer uses visuals that strategically express information. They work on developing the campaign strategy around the message's intent to ensure relevancy, consistency, and clarity across different mediums and contexts -- like real-life venues, virtual spaces in the metaverse, and the internet...